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Parenting with PTSD editors Joyelle and Dawn talk about motherhood, shame and secrets

Joyelle interviews Jason Lee, author of Healing 15 000 Days of Abuse and Shame

Joyelle talks about the 4 top mental health myths debunked by ACEs science:

Joyelle outlines a 4 point plan for dealing with toddler hitting:


Joyelle and Emily Read Daniels of Here This Now dive into parenting with PTSD, self regulation, the brain-body trauma connection, and more.


Joyelle and Parenting with PTSD contributing author Lara Donachie discuss Getting/staying sober while parenting with CPTSD


Joyelle talks with Director/Producer of Wrestling Ghosts, Ana Joanes about finding healing and breaking the cycle of abuse.


Joyelle talks with Andrea Papin, RTC about the roles of anger, forgiveness and grief in our healing journey.