My Own Truth

by Lara Donachie About 19 years ago I came out as a lesbian, telling my family and friends was mostly smooth sailing except for the couple that I was afraid of disappointing. Even then I was pleasantly surprised at the love and acceptance that I received. My second "coming out" was telling everyone I am … Continue reading My Own Truth


Feeling Safe

by Lara Donachie excerpted from Parenting with PTSD: the impact of childhood abuse on parenting Having children was one of the most purposeful choices I've made in my life. I think subconsciously I thought it might provide healing from the most recent assault on my body. People questioned whether I should wait until I worked … Continue reading Feeling Safe

The vital information that is left out of your patient’s medical history that could cost their lives

Leaving this out of your patient's medical history could cost their lives. by Joyelle Brandt I sat in the exam room answering the long list of questions my doctor asked about my medical history. Waiting. Waiting to see if she would ask. We got to the end of the exam, and there was no opening … Continue reading The vital information that is left out of your patient’s medical history that could cost their lives

Walking Each Other Home

I belong to a club. This club is called the trauma club. Trauma survivors share an unspeakable bond. In their faces I recognize the familiar pain that can easily go unnoticed by non-survivors. We are relieved to be given space to talk and be understood without the burden of explanation. We feel at ease to … Continue reading Walking Each Other Home

Parenting with PTSD Press Release

Parenting with PTSD: The Impact of Childhood Abuse on Parenting   October 12, 2017 marks the release of Parenting with PTSD, a book for parenting survivors of childhood abuse, their families; as well as, medical, mental health, family support, and direct-care human service providers. Parenting when you have experienced childhood abuse can feel like walking … Continue reading Parenting with PTSD Press Release