To My Daughter, From Your Post-Traumatically Stressed Momma

Our relationship may be complicated by the natural balance that is the mother/daughter relationship, but even more so because while I am raising you, I’m re-raising myself.


Thank You, a poem by Jodie Ortega

Our final poem for #nationalpoetrymonth is an excerpt from our anthology Parenting with PTSD, written by Jodie Ortega Thank You Just like every cliche Loving you was instant and true But I quickly realized I had to practice Self love in order to properly love you 15th of December was an Arrival for the Both of … Continue reading Thank You, a poem by Jodie Ortega

Before You

April is National Poetry Month, and here at Parenting with PTSD we will be sharing poems written by our community all month. If you would like to contribute, please send us your poem to before you   I thought I knew who I was what I believed my own shape the way I moved … Continue reading Before You

Joyelle Guests on Mangry Podcast Joyelle was recently interviewed by Jason Lee on his podcast, Mangry. "Host Jason Lee interviews singer/songwriter, author, painter and speaker Joyelle Brandt who explains how PTSD can be a trigger for anger and how to manage through some of the experiences. But there's more than meet the eye with Joyelle - she's also a … Continue reading Joyelle Guests on Mangry Podcast

Feeling Safe

by Lara Donachie excerpted from Parenting with PTSD: the impact of childhood abuse on parenting Having children was one of the most purposeful choices I've made in my life. I think subconsciously I thought it might provide healing from the most recent assault on my body. People questioned whether I should wait until I worked … Continue reading Feeling Safe