Joyelle Guests on Mangry Podcast Joyelle was recently interviewed by Jason Lee on his podcast, Mangry. "Host Jason Lee interviews singer/songwriter, author, painter and speaker Joyelle Brandt who explains how PTSD can be a trigger for anger and how to manage through some of the experiences. But there's more than meet the eye with Joyelle - she's also a … Continue reading Joyelle Guests on Mangry Podcast

Parenting with PTSD: A Workshop Intended to Help Parenting Survivors Heal

It took aging in to a very restless soul before I went looking for and found others like me; women convinced they were “over” or “through” the ripple effects of childhood abuse, only to be blindsided by flashbacks, panic attacks and dangerous levels of hopelessness after becoming mothers. What I discovered and now aim to help others understand is how … Continue reading Parenting with PTSD: A Workshop Intended to Help Parenting Survivors Heal

Survivor’s State of Mind

By Dawn Daum Surviving in a detached state, the feels only penetrate so deep. Brain and body on high alert, a constant reminder of how fragile I am. I need reconstructive surgery on my bones, the broken foundation from which I’ve grown. Polarity exists more in my nervous system than in my mind. Thin skinned, hollowed … Continue reading Survivor’s State of Mind

Parenting with PTSD Press Release

Parenting with PTSD: The Impact of Childhood Abuse on Parenting   October 12, 2017 marks the release of Parenting with PTSD, a book for parenting survivors of childhood abuse, their families; as well as, medical, mental health, family support, and direct-care human service providers. Parenting when you have experienced childhood abuse can feel like walking … Continue reading Parenting with PTSD Press Release

#FacesOfPTSD – Because Not All Wars are Fought on the Battlefield

#FacesOfPTSD is a social media campaign that focuses on survivors of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and interpersonal violence who are living with post traumatic stress disorder  (PTSD). Despite evidence that non-combat related trauma is a leading cause of PTSD, online search engine results will lead you to believe otherwise. The #FacesOfPTSD campaign aims to change that, but we need survivors to participate … Continue reading #FacesOfPTSD – Because Not All Wars are Fought on the Battlefield