The Rise of the Trauma-Informed Mothers

  We did the best we could to undo the lessons neglect, physical and sexual violence taught us growing up. But no one told us that there would come a time when we’d have to start the work all over again, and that time would coincide with motherhood. The degree will vary, but survivors come … Continue reading The Rise of the Trauma-Informed Mothers


Survivor’s State of Mind

By Dawn Daum Surviving in a detached state, the feels only penetrate so deep. Brain and body on high alert, a constant reminder of how fragile I am. I need reconstructive surgery on my bones, the broken foundation from which I’ve grown. Polarity exists more in my nervous system than in my mind. Thin skinned, hollowed … Continue reading Survivor’s State of Mind

The Survivor’s Guide to the Holidays

To start, lower any expectations you have about creating the perfect family holiday to make up for your shitty childhood. Because let’s be honest, there is no making up for that. Let’s make the goal more realistic: just getting through it is fantastic.

Contributing Author: Jodie Ortega

What was the most surprising thing about becoming a parent? I was surprised, delighted, and relieved to know that despite my childhood trauma and the belief systems that I was raised in that were designed to keep me small, I still had the capacity to love another human being unconditionally. Tell us about one of … Continue reading Contributing Author: Jodie Ortega

Contributing Author: Danielle Christopher

What was the most surprising thing about becoming a parent? After being told I couldn’t have kids naturally, I feel so lucky to be their mom. Tell us about one of your proudest parenting moments. My youngest is on the spectrum. We went through countless therapies and medical professionals trying to get help for her. … Continue reading Contributing Author: Danielle Christopher