Preparing and Advocating for Medical Care as a Trauma Survivor

By Lara Donachie With all the health care changes and challenges in today’s society, going to the doctor or dentist is difficult enough for the average person. With a history of childhood or adolescent sexual trauma, a medical appointment can become re-traumatizing if not handled with care by the survivor and provider. Think about it, … Continue reading Preparing and Advocating for Medical Care as a Trauma Survivor

My Own Truth

by Lara Donachie About 19 years ago I came out as a lesbian, telling my family and friends was mostly smooth sailing except for the couple that I was afraid of disappointing. Even then I was pleasantly surprised at the love and acceptance that I received. My second "coming out" was telling everyone I am … Continue reading My Own Truth

The Rise of the Trauma-Informed Mothers

  We did the best we could to undo the lessons neglect, physical and sexual violence taught us growing up. But no one told us that there would come a time when we’d have to start the work all over again, and that time would coincide with motherhood. The degree will vary, but survivors come … Continue reading The Rise of the Trauma-Informed Mothers

Survivor’s State of Mind

By Dawn Daum Surviving in a detached state, the feels only penetrate so deep. Brain and body on high alert, a constant reminder of how fragile I am. I need reconstructive surgery on my bones, the broken foundation from which I’ve grown. Polarity exists more in my nervous system than in my mind. Thin skinned, hollowed … Continue reading Survivor’s State of Mind