New Resource: She Wrote it Down

We are so honored to share the introduction to Laura Parrott Perry's new book "She Wrote it Down". Laura is a brave truther teller. She is the co-founder and CEO of Say It, Survivor; a non-profit committed to helping survivors of childhood sexual abuse reclaim their stories. With this book she is continuing her mission … Continue reading New Resource: She Wrote it Down


Survivors empowering survivors: Rachael Maddox

Editor's Note: I have been following Rachael's work for a few years now, and she is diving into an area that many sexual trauma survivors struggle with: how to heal your relationship with sexuality after trauma. Healing our relationships with our bodies can be so challenging, and I am glad that there are people like … Continue reading Survivors empowering survivors: Rachael Maddox

Survivors Empowering Survivors: Nicola of PTSD Hub

We are always amazed at the work survivors are doing in the world, and Nicola is one of those inspiring people who is using her pain to help others. She follows the same philosophy we do here at Parenting with PTSD, that we need to make information as accessible as possible so that survivors know … Continue reading Survivors Empowering Survivors: Nicola of PTSD Hub

Survivors Empowering Survivors: Rachel Grant

The Survivors Empowering Survivors series features inspiring people who are using their trauma history to help others heal. Today we are proud to feature the work of Rachel Grant. Who is Rachel and what does she do? Rachel Grant is the owner and founder of Rachel Grant Coaching and is a Sexual Abuse Recovery Coach. … Continue reading Survivors Empowering Survivors: Rachel Grant