Self Soothing Strategies for Parents and Kids   On those days when parenting is a struggle, it helps to have some soothing strategies on hand. Whether for you, or for your kids, or for all of you! Joyelle covers 4 simple techniques you can use throughout your day when you need to regulate an overstimulated nervous system. Learn simple ways for … Continue reading Self Soothing Strategies for Parents and Kids


My Own Truth

by Lara Donachie About 19 years ago I came out as a lesbian, telling my family and friends was mostly smooth sailing except for the couple that I was afraid of disappointing. Even then I was pleasantly surprised at the love and acceptance that I received. My second "coming out" was telling everyone I am … Continue reading My Own Truth

Feeling Safe

by Lara Donachie excerpted from Parenting with PTSD: the impact of childhood abuse on parenting Having children was one of the most purposeful choices I've made in my life. I think subconsciously I thought it might provide healing from the most recent assault on my body. People questioned whether I should wait until I worked … Continue reading Feeling Safe

The Rise of the Trauma-Informed Mothers

  We did the best we could to undo the lessons neglect, physical and sexual violence taught us growing up. But no one told us that there would come a time when we’d have to start the work all over again, and that time would coincide with motherhood. The degree will vary, but survivors come … Continue reading The Rise of the Trauma-Informed Mothers

New video: Self Care and Self Regulation   About the author: Joyelle Brandt is a parenting coach who specializes in working with mothers who are survivors of abuse. As a speaker, mothering coach, and multi-media creator, Joyelle works to dismantle the stigma that keeps childhood abuse survivors stuck in shame and self-hatred.  She is the author of Princess Monsters from A … Continue reading New video: Self Care and Self Regulation