Thank You, a poem by Jodie Ortega

Our final poem for #nationalpoetrymonth is an excerpt from our anthology Parenting with PTSD, written by Jodie Ortega Thank You Just like every cliche Loving you was instant and true But I quickly realized I had to practice Self love in order to properly love you 15th of December was an Arrival for the Both of … Continue reading Thank You, a poem by Jodie Ortega

Survivor’s State of Mind

By Dawn Daum Surviving in a detached state, the feels only penetrate so deep. Brain and body on high alert, a constant reminder of how fragile I am. I need reconstructive surgery on my bones, the broken foundation from which I’ve grown. Polarity exists more in my nervous system than in my mind. Thin skinned, hollowed … Continue reading Survivor’s State of Mind

Survivor Resources: Heather Tuba

Editors note: Joyelle here! I recently learned of Heather Tuba's e book For the Partners of Childhood Trauma Survivors: 6 simple steps to help you survive and thrive while living with your partner’s traumatic past.  Days later we received a message on our Facebook page from a partner of a survivor and I was so … Continue reading Survivor Resources: Heather Tuba

Hijacked by PTSD

written by Joyelle Brandt Anxiety hijacked my day today. It showed up out of the blue this morning, this frantic, anxious feeling that hounded me all day. Usually I can identify a trigger that brought on an attack like this, but not this time. It occurs to me now that maybe I spent all this … Continue reading Hijacked by PTSD