My Own Truth

by Lara Donachie About 19 years ago I came out as a lesbian, telling my family and friends was mostly smooth sailing except for the couple that I was afraid of disappointing. Even then I was pleasantly surprised at the love and acceptance that I received. My second "coming out" was telling everyone I am … Continue reading My Own Truth


Feeling Safe

by Lara Donachie excerpted from Parenting with PTSD: the impact of childhood abuse on parenting Having children was one of the most purposeful choices I've made in my life. I think subconsciously I thought it might provide healing from the most recent assault on my body. People questioned whether I should wait until I worked … Continue reading Feeling Safe

Guest post: PTSD VERSUS COMPLEX PTSD with Kizzie of OOTS

My name is Kizzie and I am the founder of Out of the Storm (OOTS), an online support/ discussion forum and web site for people affected by Complex PTSD. OOTS started in August 2014 with three members and has grown to almost six thousand in the past four years. It’s unfortunate that there are so … Continue reading Guest post: PTSD VERSUS COMPLEX PTSD with Kizzie of OOTS

New video: Self Care and Self Regulation   About the author: Joyelle Brandt is a parenting coach who specializes in working with mothers who are survivors of abuse. As a speaker, mothering coach, and multi-media creator, Joyelle works to dismantle the stigma that keeps childhood abuse survivors stuck in shame and self-hatred.  She is the author of Princess Monsters from A … Continue reading New video: Self Care and Self Regulation

Your Rage is Beautiful

I was emailing with Cis White of ACEs Connection this morning and she asked how I'm doing. As a sexual abuse survivor in this time of blatant and repeated misogyny and rape culture, it's a hard time for many of us. Cis just wrote a blog post titled "Post Kavanaugh Pissed", so you can guess how … Continue reading Your Rage is Beautiful