New offering: Mothering Support

Mothering Support for caregivers living with Post Traumatic Stress with Joyelle Brandt my dream for you… I want you to know that you are not alone in what you are struggling with. I want you to know that you are not crazy or irrevocably broken. I want you to know your own strength. I want … Continue reading New offering: Mothering Support


PTSD Parent Podcast

Parenting with PTSD contributing author Kelly Wilson has a new podcast, and you all need to listen to it because it is fabulous! Listening to Kelly and her co-host Chris is like hanging out at your kitchen table with two of your funniest friends. You never thought you would laugh about PTSD, but you will when … Continue reading PTSD Parent Podcast

Joyelle guests on the Parent Talk Podcast

Joyelle is a guest on the Parent Talk podcast today! Episode: No. 22 - Parenting with PTSD Guest(s): Joyelle Brandt, Co Editor of ‘Parenting with PTSD’. Today Genevieve and Heather are welcoming Joyelle Brandt, Co Editor of ‘Parenting with PTSD’. • Joyelle describes how to identify if you are possibly suffering from Post Traumatic Stress … Continue reading Joyelle guests on the Parent Talk Podcast

Joyelle and Dawn on motherhood, shame and secrets   Dawn and Joyelle offer speaking and workshops on the following topics:   ACEs/Trauma 101 parenting after trauma trauma informed resilience building trauma informed care sexual abuse recovery body image Visit our SPEAKER PAGE for more information

The Problem with ACEs Implementation

The Adverse Childhood Experiences study was ground-breaking in its recognition that childhood trauma impacts individuals across their lifespan. This was the big take-away, that adults are living with unrecognized and thus untreated physical, mental and emotional consequences that have massive detrimental impacts on their quality (and quantity) of life. And yet, when we see the … Continue reading The Problem with ACEs Implementation