Birth Trauma, an anniversary

by Joyelle Brandt Originally posted at   Here’s the story that women are supposed to tell: On this day __ years ago, this perfect little bundle came into my life. And the moment I saw his/her face, I knew that all the pain and sacrifice was completely worth it, and the joy of seeing … Continue reading Birth Trauma, an anniversary

Thank You, a poem by Jodie Ortega

Our final poem for #nationalpoetrymonth is an excerpt from our anthology Parenting with PTSD, written by Jodie Ortega Thank You Just like every cliche Loving you was instant and true But I quickly realized I had to practice Self love in order to properly love you 15th of December was an Arrival for the Both of … Continue reading Thank You, a poem by Jodie Ortega

The Tree, by Rachael Ellen Rose

April is National Poetry Month, and here at Parenting with PTSD we will be sharing poems written by our community all month. If you would like to contribute, please send us your poem to   The Tree. She is but fragile fragments, Rooted to the ground, Sturdy almost stagnant, Her insides twisted round.   … Continue reading The Tree, by Rachael Ellen Rose

Joyelle Guests on Mangry Podcast Joyelle was recently interviewed by Jason Lee on his podcast, Mangry. "Host Jason Lee interviews singer/songwriter, author, painter and speaker Joyelle Brandt who explains how PTSD can be a trigger for anger and how to manage through some of the experiences. But there's more than meet the eye with Joyelle - she's also a … Continue reading Joyelle Guests on Mangry Podcast

Self Soothing Strategies for Parents and Kids   On those days when parenting is a struggle, it helps to have some soothing strategies on hand. Whether for you, or for your kids, or for all of you! Joyelle covers 4 simple techniques you can use throughout your day when you need to regulate an overstimulated nervous system. Learn simple ways for … Continue reading Self Soothing Strategies for Parents and Kids