The Survivor’s Guide to the Holidays

To start, lower any expectations you have about creating the perfect family holiday to make up for your shitty childhood. Because let’s be honest, there is no making up for that. Let’s make the goal more realistic: just getting through it is fantastic.


Joyelle interviewed on Roundhouse Radio

Editor Joyelle Brandt was interviewed by Jody Vance this week on Roundhouse Radio, where she talked about how to recognize if you or your partner might have PTSD, and understanding common triggers that arise for survivor parents. Listen to the full interview here:   ———————————————————————————————————– Join the Parenting with PTSD newsletter to get the … Continue reading Joyelle interviewed on Roundhouse Radio

Learning to say #MeToo

This Saturday I stood on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery and added my voice to the collective Me Too. I joined with women and men who are survivors of sexual harassment and assault as we spoke about our lives, about the impact of what we have endured and the pain of not being … Continue reading Learning to say #MeToo

Survivor Resources: Heather Tuba

Editors note: Joyelle here! I recently learned of Heather Tuba's e book For the Partners of Childhood Trauma Survivors: 6 simple steps to help you survive and thrive while living with your partner’s traumatic past.  Days later we received a message on our Facebook page from a partner of a survivor and I was so … Continue reading Survivor Resources: Heather Tuba