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Dawn Daum:  Working in the trenches of the mental health system, and being a survivor of childhood abuse with an ACE score of 9, Dawn is passionate about bringing trauma-informed care to the forefront of mental health and medical care. Through writing, community action, and public speaking, she is part of a national and international grassroots movement, working to shift our culture’s understanding of what it means to heal from trauma.

Dawn is co-editor of Parenting with PTSD. She spends her work week as a Health Home Care Manager and Trauma-Informed Coordinator at Transitional Services Association (TSA) in Saratoga Springs, NY. Dawn is leading TSA’s initiative to implement trauma-informed care practices into all services provided by the agency.  She is co-manager of the Becoming Trauma-Informed & Beyond: Resilience in the Workplace community on ACEsConnection.com.

When she isn’t capturing life on paper, or looking for cracks in the systems, she’s taking advantage of life’s simple pleasures with her husband and two children in Upstate, NY.

website: W.T.F. words thoughts feelings

Email: parentingwithptsd@gmail.com







Joyelle Brandt is a feminist artist, writer, and educator. She is the author/illustrator of the children’s book Princess Monsters from A to Z, and co-editor of the anthology Parenting with PTSD, a groundbreaking collection of writing by parents who are survivors of childhood abuse. Joyelle has dedicated her life to sharing the message that you are not broken and that your ugly is beautiful. She offers educational presentations, music and poetry performances, workshops, and one-to-one peer support for and about parents who are survivors of childhood abuse.

Joyelle believes that her purpose in life is to be a beacon of light, and that the three most important things are love, kindness and gratitude. When she is not busy raising two rambunctious boys, she is most often found playing her guitar or covered in paint at her art desk.


Website: www.joyellebrandt.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/joyelle.brandt

Twitter: www.twitter.com/joyellebrandt

Email: parentingwithptsd@gmail.com