Joyelle Guests on Mangry Podcast


Joyelle was recently interviewed by Jason Lee on his podcast, Mangry.

“Host Jason Lee interviews singer/songwriter, author, painter and speaker Joyelle Brandt who explains how PTSD can be a trigger for anger and how to manage through some of the experiences. But there’s more than meet the eye with Joyelle – she’s also a huge fan of Comicons and Choose Your Own Adventure books (remember those?) If you’re into retro-pop references, relationship topics, work-life, parenting, mindless trivia and a whole lot of silly humor, this podcast is for you. Oh wait, there’s one hitch…there’s also some conversations related to men’s anger injected into the mix…why else would it be called Mangry?! The goal on Mangry™ is to plant seeds about anger awareness, thus gently promoting change through insightful questions, relatable experiences, humor and introspection. The mancave will never be the same! Visit to learn more or email”



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