PTSD Parent Podcast

Parenting with PTSD contributing author Kelly Wilson has a new podcast, and you all need to listen to it because it is fabulous! Listening to Kelly and her co-host Chris is like hanging out at your kitchen table with two of your funniest friends. You never thought you would laugh about PTSD, but you will when you listen to this show!


With the #MeToo movement and recent shocking deaths by suicide, talking openly about trauma and mental health has become more accepted than ever before. According to research gathered by PTSD United, approximately 45 million Americans have struggled or continue to struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and they are not all veterans of the Armed Forces who have seen battle. While there is a lot of accepted information about PTSD as a result of military service, there isn’t foundational knowledge or acceptance about PTSD as a result of traumatic experiences.

The PTSD Parent Podcast bridges the gap between the information out there for veterans with PTSD and individuals who have this condition as a result of trauma and abuse. Both Kelly and Chris have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of different forms of childhood abuse and additional traumatic experiences. While they have this condition in common, they bring different aspects to the table.

“I like that we bring a male and female perspective and the coping skill of humor,” said Chris Jacobsen, cofounder of PTSD Parent and the podcast. “Also I have recently been diagnosed, while Kelly was diagnosed with PTSD more than ten years ago.”

“Our varying experiences make the information easily accessible to a wider audience,” Kelly added. “And the humor isn’t making fun of people with PTSD, but rather we bring humor to some of the tougher emotions and experiences we struggle with on a daily basis.”

To listen to PTSD Parent Podcast and learn more about PTSD Parent, head to Find PTSD Parent on Facebook at and download the PTSD Parent Podcast on iTunes, Libsyn, and Youtube. Kelly Wilson and Chris Jacobsen can be reached at

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