Flight, a poem about motherhood




i dream of flight

of circus trapeze

of feathered wings

this life i have so carefully crafted

the cozy constraints of domesticity

the soft and subtle bonds

my son’s sleeping form

my husband’s watchful eye

gauging my mood

this is the life for me

and yet

in moments I long for freedom

I am not a wild creature

the comforts of home are my domain

I know this to be true

and yet

in moments I long for solitude

i understand now

the appeal of running

feet on pavement flying

where am I in this space?

I am everywhere and nowhere

and at times I feel like

I am being squeezed out of my own life

what room is there for me?

I long for the freedom to move unfettered

for silence and stillness

i dream of flight

and wonder at my own horrid ingratitude

© Joyelle Brandt, 2011


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